Useful Links

Helpful Maths websites:  Mathsframe allows children to work through levels of work

gaining confidence as they go. To get all the levels you need to subscribe, but many are available

free.  This site is particularly useful for practising basic mathematical skills. 

The children really enjoy ‘Funky Mummy’ for numberbonds ot one hundred and the ‘counting caterpillar’ for sorting numbers.

Helpful Literacy Sites      This site contains a number of games mainly

suitable for children in KS2.

Helpful Science Sites  On this site their are a variety of games and activities that will

help children to become more familiar with the areas of science studied in primary school.

E-safety  This site contains cartoons, quizzes, screensavers, wallpapers

 and lots of information on how to stay safe when using the computer. This site contains, actives, blogs

and information on how to keep your children safe on the computer.

General Websites    Skillswise was created for adult learning by the BBC, but many of the

games and exercises are suitable for Upper KS2.  The site allows children to play games, watch short

instructive videos and answer short quizzes at differentiated levels, these are assessed and corrected

immediately.  This website will help your child to become familiar with the keyboard,

teach them how to place their hands correctly on the keyboard and with practise how to ‘touch type’.